A Scoop Store

A model for modern retail stores.

Scoop provides a model that makes it easy to take advantage of the most effective retail tech straight out of the box. Its modular form can be scaled as part of a structured roadmap to create your store of the future.

Engaging In-Store Experiences

As the store becomes a place for experiences as much as shoppping, retailers need a way to provide unique and engaging stores that represent their brands. The Scoop Platform makes it much easier to setup and maintain these kind of experiences, whether it be through in-store screens, mobile apps or physical interactions & exploration.

Seamless Online & Offline Interactions

It has long been recognised that providing seamless online & offline interactions for customers is important not just for customer experience, but also for sales. Deilvering this, while operating siloed in-store, online and mobile channels can be extremely difficult. Scoop offers a single transactional channel that solves this problem.

New Store Formats & Checkout-less Sales

Modern stores are re-inventing the traditional retail model. Stores can be showrooms, staff don't need counters to help customers on the shop floor, and customers can even checkout themselves through in-store terminals, touch screen mirrors in the changing rooms, or on their smart phones and simply walking out.

Staff Management & Applications

A new type of store opens up the advantages of digital transformation to the way staff operate and manage stores. Help them to work smarter and more efficiently by putting all information on products, inventory and customers in their hands, managing rotors, daily action lists, and incentivising through real-time sales data.

RFID Stock Management

Stores can vastly increase the efficiency of stock management using RFID tags on products. It is proved to reduced labour effort, increase visibiliy, and prevent overstocking and understocking. In addition the real-time data it provides makes sure that top lines are available in all of the time and can prompt staff to re-stock these quickly.

Customer Activity Tracking

While the customer activity on e-commerce websites is constantly analysed, the activity in-store is often completley unknown. The Scoop Platform allows retailers to track and analyise the activity in stores, link it to real customer profiles & sales, and build up a true picture of customers activity both online and offline.

Scoop Bot: Personal Retail Assistant

Both staff and customers can benefit hugley from having common questions answered quickly, accuratley & consistently across all channels. Modern retail stores do not rely on staff knowledge & availability alone and often need to decrease the strain & reliance on customer services departments.

Scoop AI: Actionable Insights Engine

AI will soon allow retailers to use data from all channels to identify trends in customers behavior and store activity, in order to provide ways to maximise the potential of product ranges, to increase store & staff efficiency and continually make improvements in order to sell more.

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