The Scoop Platform

A fully connected digital platform built for a new generation of brick and mortar stores.

The Scoop Platform

Single Platform For The Store

We believe that a modern retail store needs a single platform to deliver great customer experiences, efficient operations and useful data. This idea is central to the way that Scoop operate and deliver digital transformation to the retail sector. Our omni-channel architecture applies to all in-store, online & mobile technology.

Single Point of Integration

Integration can be a difficult task. And integrating multiple suppliers to operate a store, mobile apps and websites can take up a lot of time and resources that could be better spent in other areas of your operation. Having a single platform for all stores and transactional applications means just one integration to worry about.

Localised Data

The Scoop Platform synchronises all of your products, content, inventory, brand assets & media to every store and every device. This means that all applications you run, whether its POS or an interactive feature for customers, has instant access to every piece of information within your organisation. And without loading times it's really fast too!

Single Codebase

Because all applications on the Scoop Platform use the same codebase and the same data, changes can be managed by a small development team with a shared skillset, and then deployed to all channels instantly. This approach vastly reduces the time and cost needed to maintain and advance your infrastructure.

Out of the Box Applications

Scoop offer a range of out of the box applications that can easily be customised and deployed to your stores with minimal effort. These include POS software, transactional customer kiosks, staff tablets, mobile apps, digital signage, interactive lookbooks, websites, magic mirrors, and much more.

Build Your Own Applications

Applications on the Scoop Platform are built using familiar technologies like HTML/JS/CSS so you can build and deploy new applications quickly and easily. Quickly release brand new customer apps, interactive signage or physical experiences to bring your campaigns to life in-store, online & mobile.

Device Connectivity

All devices and applications within your store will be connected to each other natively and in real-time using WebSockets. Using this technology allows you to maintain & transfer baskets from one device to another, move videos from mobile apps to large digital signage, deploy chat applications, and control whole stores instantly.

Device Management

Servers, POS, tablets & phones all require a level of device management to allow you to setup, deploy and manage your estate. The Scoop Platform infrastructure allows you to register and manage devices. It can give you a real time system health report, diagnose and self-resolve common problems.

Payments Compatibility

Applications built on the Scoop Platform can be fully transactional. The platform is already integrated with a range of payment providers including WorldPay, SagePay, GlobalPay, CreditCall and Stripe. It is compatible with all online & offline payment systems that provide software integration methods.

Peripheral Compatibility

Real stores rely on receipt printers, barcode scanners, RFID/NFC readers, staff identification tags and security swipe cards. The Scoop Platform has been integrated with these peripherals so that your applications can take advantage of these straight out of the box with minimal time and effort.

Scoop Bot: Personal Retail Assistant

The Scoop Bot provides a way for both customers and staff to ask common questions, by voice or keyboard, to provide a personal retail assistant. As well as reducing the reliance on staff knowledge this can significantly decrease the strain & reliance on your customer services department.

Scoop AI: Actionable Insights Engine

The next phase of Scoop functionality will use AI and data from all of your channels to identify trends in your customers behaviour and store activity. This will allow you to maximise your range potential, increase store & staff efficiency and continually make improvements to sell more.

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